Natural Organic Skincare

Our Story

Meet Florian Botanicals’ founder and formulator, Mignon Verwoerdt.

Shortly after relocating to the UK from South Africa, I became interested in natural skincare and botanical extracts. I mostly created products for personal use while I was working as a primary school teacher. As the world fell in love with natural products, I soon became aware of a new challenge that this demand is creating. Sustainability. There is such a fine balance between nature’s cycles and human activity.     

After the birth of my children, I enrolled in a Cosmetic Science and Skincare Formulation Diploma and it was through my studies, experiments, failures and triumphs that I discovered the beauty of green chemistry. This was a new source of inspiration to create products with a balanced interaction between nature and science as new doors opened with plant-based bio-technologies. Florian Botanicals was born.

Continues research for environmentally improved routes to use new, green and safe biotech alternatives along with pure plant oils, rich nut butters and exquisite floral and botanical extracts from sustainable sources, form the foundation on which all our products are developed. Our aim is to create Eco-designed, effective and luxurious products without compromise on quality and safety that minimise our impact on biodiversity.

My source of motivation and inspiration comes from children; they are the future. They embody so many admirable qualities; happiness, kindness, freedom and honesty. Our products are created as a token of thanks to all the petit florets out there. And to their caring parents, who help them grow. We hope Florian Botanicals products provide you with a bit of joy as well.

Happiness hides in little moments. Motherhood lets us live in these moments as we discover the wonder of our children by taking time to slow down and cherish life. A mother is a source of inspiration and kindness, she fulfils her responsibility to love her children with her whole heart. A mother’s love is bountiful, tolerant and understanding. A mother will protect and treasure her offspring until they grow strong and independent. And beyond. She only wants what is best for her family. A mother nurtures a healthy home for her family to flourish in. Everyday. A mother’s work is never done.

At Florian Botanicals we salute mothers. We admire the unknowing strength that they possess, the gentle power of humility to go about life, not asking for much more, other than love.