Natruba Swan Bath Toy


Make bath time fun with this beautiful swan toy - perfect for sensory play, chewing and bath play.

This elegant swan is lightweight and easy to grip for small hands. With textured feathers, an air filled body, a solid beak and a silk-like surface to touch. It has also been cleverly designed with no valve, meaning no buildup of water and bacteria or mould on the inside. 

All Natruba products are made of natural rubber and completely free of the harmful substances BPA, phthalates and PVC. Designed in Denmark, the swan has been hand-sculpted and hand-painted using only natural pigments. 

We hope you will enjoy this toy with your little one and remember, Be forever playful – it’s natural (Natruba’s Moto)

Material:  natural rubber

Dimensions: 8cm, W: 7cm, L: 9,5cm

Tactile:  Feather textures, Air filled body

Age 0 months + 

Care: Natural rubber toys should be cleaned using mildly soaped water and a damp cloth. Do not use a dishwasher or sterilize in a microwave oven.

Clean the product before first use. Keep away from direct sunlight or direct heat. Dry the toys after use and keep them in a clean, dry place.

Read the included safety booklet before use.

Remove all packaging before the product is given to a child.
Retain the packaging as it contains important information.

Check before use that the toy is in good condition.

If there are splits or cracks it should be discarded.

Allergic reactions to natural rubber are extremely rare but may occur.

Adult supervision is recommended at all times.

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